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CDJ + Rekordbox Basics With Devoye

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds*


Attendees will gain an introductory level understanding of DJing with CDJs using Rekordbox software. Devoye will cover topics including history of DJing, Rekordbox, basic CDJ usage, mixer usage, beatmatching, phrasing and time counting, and intermediate DJ techniques.

This is part of a Women's Month workshop series called SKILLSHARE, where women of all ages are invited to come and learn the basics of DJing and audio production. Curated by JADALAREIGN.

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds*

About Devoye:

“Reflecting on emotions reveals the most supreme moments in life. The strongest of each emotion is communicated back through my conscious being in various forms of music, art, and conversation.“

Entranced by the emphatic connections made between individuals and sound, Devoye explores the natural and ethereal through various realms of sound.

As a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and DJ, Devoye strives to intermingle the sensibilities from each aspect of his artistry to bridge connections between creator and consumer, creating an expansive aural experience.