POWRPLNT collaborates with volunteer teaching artists to create interest-driven classes in digital art programs and other topics surrounding art and technology that reflect our mission. We aim to connect artists with future creators and focus on introductory, free and donation based courses for the Brooklyn community. 

If you are an artist with a digital or technology-based practice and are passionate about bringing access to quality technology education to all, we encourage you to apply to teach a workshop with POWRPLNT!


What POWRPLNT asks from our Teaching Artists:

  • Skills and expertise in any range of digital or technology-based art;

  • Commitment to our Educational Values of equity, access, and creativity;

  • A time commitment of approximately 10-15 volunteer hours over a 4-month term

What Teaching Artists can expect from POWRPLNT:

  • A supportive environment where you’ll learn tangible, effective teaching strategies and gain experience as a Teaching Artist;

  • A space to connect with other artists and engage with the wider Brooklyn community of people interested in technology and art;

  • A chance to provide valuable and engaging workshops to groups often excluded from technology and art spaces, and thereby help close the access gap in these fields

Application + Workshop Proposal

Name *
Interest / Experience
If yes, please describe your experience. You may additionally upload a resume at the end of the application (not required). If no, please explain your interest in becoming a Teaching Artist.
Time Commitment / Availability
For the Spring 2020 term, volunteer Teaching Artists will be expected to make a 15-hour (approx.) total commitment between February and April, broken down as follows: - Lead one 2-3 hour workshop a month (6-9 hours total) - Attend one hour long lesson planning/curriculum design session a month (3 hours total) - Attend an orientation session in September (2 hours total) - Participate in Midterm and End of Year check-ins (1 hour total) - Social and networking events for Teaching Artists and other staff (not required, but fun!)
Spring 2020 Workshops will occur on a monthly basis in February, March, April. Are you available for a consistent day (i.e. every Third Wednesday) for this three-month commitment? Workshops typically run in the afternoon or evening for 2-3 hours. *
If no, please indicate at the end of the application if you would be interested in leading a 1-Day or One-Off workshop.
In addition to workshop hours, we expect our Teaching Artists to commit to roughly an hour of planning per workshop (3 hours total for the Spring term). Are you available and willing to commit to this amount of planning? *
Are you available during the month of February to come in for a 2-3 hour orientation and training at POWRPLNT HQ located in Bushwick, Brooklyn (times and dates TBD, multiple options will be offered)? *
Workshop Proposal
Please describe the topic of your workshop.
What skills will students develop throughout your workshop? What software or programs will be used?
What do you hope students will have learned or created by the end of your workshop?
What materials, including software, hardware, or any other supplies, will your workshop require? Please add any additional notes or comments here as well.
Length of Workshop *
Will your workshop be for the Fall Term (3 sessions October-December) or a 1-Day workshop (entire workshop is completed in one day)?
Student Age *
Upload Resume
upload NOTE: Clicking 'Upload' will open a pop-up window from Dropbox, where you can submit your resume. Please upload as PDF with your First and Last name in the file name, e.g. First_Last_Resume.pdf .