Founded in 2014 by Angelina Dreem and Anibal Luque (who met on Craigslist ride-share forum), POWRPLNT was born out of the desire to create an art space where people from all ages and backgrounds could access the opportunities of the future.

Purchasing computers with her own savings, Angelina organized the artists that she knew within the Bushwick community to create the initial launch of POWRPLNT in a 400 sq/ft storefront on Myrtle Ave. From there it caught fire, and due to a serendipitous flight back from Art Basel Miami, POWRPLNTS' second location was at Red Bull Studios New York, which brought our mission to an even larger audience providing us the street cred to form a 501(c)3 non-profit and grow. 


Summer 2015

POWRPLNT at Hunter East Harlem Gallery
2180 3rd Avenue @ 119th Street
New York, NY 10035


Winter 2015

POWRPLNT at Red Bull Studios New York
Curated by Max Wolf in conjunction with Ryder Ripps' Alone Together exhibit

Summer 2014

1196 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn NY 11221