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Serato Basics With Quiana Parks

*$5-$25 no one turned away.*

Instructor: Quiana Parks, @quianaparks

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Serato Basics


Attendees will gain an introductory level understanding of the Serato DJ program and learn basic DJing techniques.

This is part of a Women's Month workshop series called SKILLSHARE, where women of all ages are invited to come and learn the basics of DJing and audio production. Curated by JADALAREIGN.

QUIANA PARKS is a DJ, producer, visual artist, social-influencer, philanthropist and cancer survivor. A true Renaissance-woman, Parks captivates audiences with her effortless fusion of disco, pop, house, hip-hop and R&B. At times, Parks is known to paint while spinning her sonic canvas. Quiana’s inter-disciplinary approach to the turn-tables elevates the DJ game and illustrates her true artistic facility.



562 Evergreen Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11221

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