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Synths and Analog Production Basics With J Words

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In this workshop, attendees will gain an introductory level understanding of synthesizers and analog production basics.

Attendees will learn about:

- Synthesizers is

- Drum machines

- Sequencers

- How to sequence a pattern

- The difference between analog and digital gear

- What hand-on-hand time is when using a synthesizer and drum machine

This is part of a Women's Month workshop series called SKILLSHARE, where women of all ages are invited to come and learn the basics of DJing and audio production. Curated by JADALAREIGN.

$5-$25 *No one will be turned away for lack of funds*

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About the Instructor:

JWORDS is a 23 year old Afro Latina woman breaking boundaries in black electronic music. She uses various synths and drum machines to make live performances impactful and unique. She started off playing keys in a band, then purchased her own drum machine afterwards. From there, she began working on her own sound. One thing is for sure, always expect something special from this innovative producer.



562 Evergreen Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11221

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