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The Punching Machine - Art Show Opening


The Punching Machine is a month-long residency at Powrplnt presented by Disclaimer Gallery featuring the work of Beca Acosta.

Through a small installation and three-event series, the residency and exhibit will explore the souls of interactive sculpture and how they can reflect those human emotions that seem impossible to express. In Acosta’s work, objects believed to have no feeling - pain/stress/desire - become extensions of ourselves and their own beings through mechanical technology. 

Join us for an opening reception Thursday, June 13th 6-9pm!

Disclaimer Gallery

Run by Zaria Poem, Sarah Wang, Amber Dennis, O.K Fox, Shaina Yang, Sessa Englund, JinHee Kwak, and June Chee; Disclaimer values representation, accessibility, and fighting dominant power structures within the art world. We are a group of low-income, queer women and non-binary people of different racial backgrounds working together to exhibit and showcase visual art by other low-income people and marginalized groups. Previously based out of Silent Barn, Disclaimer is currently focused on pop up shows and residencies while looking for a more permanent space.

Artist Bio

Beca Acosta is a multi-media sculptor whose work spans many different materials and mediums. She studied Sculpture at SUNY Purchase - with a focus on metal, plaster and ceramics - but has recently moved into 3D printing, sensors, flameworking and motorized objects. She was born and raised in Dallas Texas and is currently based in New York where she is a Lehman College Teaching Artist In Residence. 

Work on View


Life Inside The Music Box Ain't Easy, 2018
Pencil, plaster, bronze, steel, wood, rubber, motor, paint, ANSI roller chain, music box
12 x14 x 26 ½

Punching Machine, 2019
Boxing glove, motorized reciprocating saw, steel, wood, cement, plastic
14 x 48 x 14

BACK ROOM (clockwise)

El Manisero, 2018
Steel, motors, chain, plywood, paint
14 x 17 x 23 ½

Stress Dream, 2019
Mixed media, scientific glass, polarized lenses, Ipad, computer monitor
20 x 77 x 24

Chimera, 2019
Sculpted scientific glass
13 x 14 x 4

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June 20th, 6-9pm - Fight Night: An Evening of Performance with Beca Acosta
June 27th, 6-9pm - Make Your Very Own Emotional Light Machine with Beca Acosta

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