POWRPLNT  is a network of artists committed to providing digital arts education and access for all. Our mission is to provide the resources, mentorship, and education to thrive in the creative economy today. 

Our Mission

POWRPLNT is a space where the digital arts community engages the next generation of creators. It functions as gallery space, internet lounge and an environment where people from all backgrounds may learn the skills necessary to express themselves creatively in today’s networks. We aim to make the digital world accessible, personal and more human. 

POWRPLNT organizes digital art educational workshops and activations to engage youth and artists in interest driven learning focused on democratizing and supporting diverse leaders within arts and technology. 

We create the space to learn new digital languages for creative expression. 

Our first brick and mortar space in Bushwick (Brooklyn) is an open-to-all computer workspace and venue for classes, art shows and performances. The courses, often led by local artists, focus on tools and techniques of digital art production. Youth participants attend classes for free, while adults are encouraged to support with donations.

POWRPLNT empowers individuals to bridge the digital divide, by organizing community interactions that elevate digital literacy and encourage expression via technology. Technology is a right, not a privilege. 


Since day one, POWRPLNT has provided me with a space and the proper resources that I’ve always needed to expand my creativity and perfect my craft.
— LaDre Smith, 21, Photographer, Brooklyn

Selected Press


  • 60+ Young people reached, collaborating with over 20 artists

  • NEW INC Cohort 2016-2017

  • Brooklyn Arts Council Local Arts Support Grantees



POWRPLNT relies on the generosity of donors to support our programming.

We deeply appreciate and accept donations in the form of monetary support, equipment and skills. 

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